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F&D F1500U 5.1 Multimedia Home Theater System

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F&D F1500U Multimedia Home Theater

2.5″ full range driver for satellites and 4″ bass driver for subwoofer

Plug & play USB card reader

USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding

Pro-logic function for virtual surround sound effect

Full function control buttons on side panel

Fluorescence full function remote control

Play your desired song directly by numeric keys through Remote

Wooden cabinet delivers strong and low distortion bass



Power output : 3.2Wx5+8W (RMS)

Center driver : 2.5″ full range

Surround driver : 2.5″ full range

Subwoofer driver : 4″

Frequency response : 100- 20KHz (front)

100 – 20KHz (center)

100 – 20KHz (surround)

50 – 120Hz (subwoofer)

Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 70dB

Separation: ≥ 40dB

Subwoofer (W×D×H) : 183x225x310mm

Front speaker (W×D×H) : 87x80x132mm

Surround speaker (W×D×H) : 87x80x 32mm

Center speaker (W×D×H) : 87x80x132mm

Weight: 4.5Kg (net)

Front driver : 2.5″ full range

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