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A4 TECH Bloody G310 Comfort Glare Gaming Headset

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A4tech Bloody G310 White

Gaming headsets must meet the stringent requirements of today's players, and the A4tech Bloody G310 gaming headset does this perfectly. Their sound, with a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, is so clear that crystals are just a dirty rock in comparison. The large 40mm drivers, along with a comfortable and soft, easy-to-adjust headband, result in the ultimate comfort, making listening pleasurable even after several hours of playing games or listening to music. Of course, they also have a microphone, how else do you want to communicate with your team and win all the missions? Play for hours and do not be disturbed.

Key Features of the A4tech Bloody G310 White Headphones

High-quality gaming headphones

Premium 40mm drivers for great dynamics

A very robust steel frame increases service durability

Bloody M.O.C.I. Dual-Core Technology

Dual-Chamber technology

Easy headband height adjustment

Microphone with a LED backlight

3.5 mm jack + USB for backlight


Design  ear

Construction  Semi-closed

Microphone  With microphone

Microphone construction  Foldable

Directional characteristics  Directional sensing

Microphone characteristics

Frequency from  20 Hz

Frequency to  20,000 Hz

connection type  3.5 mm Jack

Cable length  2.2 m

Cable routing  Unilateral (in one shell)

Headphone characteristics

Frequency from  20 Hz

Frequency to  20,000 Hz

Sensitivity  100 dB/mW

Equipment  Volume control

Size converters  40 mm

Impedance  32 Ohm

Colour  White

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