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14" Laptop Keyboard Protector- 2Pcs

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2 pcs Transparent silicone 14" laptop keyboard protector Combo Offer

Transparent silicone keyboard cover ...Laptop keyboard protector for 14 inch laptop

Universal type for all laptop

Waterproof, Life saving

Dustproof, Keep cookies scraps from keyboard. .Imported best silicone material, High elasticity, difficult to be divulsive

Soft, Transparent, touch comfortably

Without any glue, will not left any track, and do not make your keyborad dirty

Easily to be washable, antibacterial, keep healthy

Sunjproof, Anti-ultraviolet radiation, will not change to yellow even if used for a long time

Washing method: Please wash use clean water, do not use chemic cleanser, keep it dry naturally.

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